What is Gyrotonic®?

Gyrotonic is a holistic system of exercises which regards the human body as a whole with the backbone as its central support.

Its origins

The Gyrotonic method and training machine was developed in the early 1980s by Juliu Horváth a Hungarian dancer living in America.

What is Gyrotonic good for?

The Gyrotonic Expansion System® is used worldwide in private clinics for healing and rehabilitation.


This is a training method which uniquely combines the thousand-year-old eastern knowledge about the energy of the human body with the modern culture of exercise.

The Gyrotonic® system is a holistic concept of exercise which regards the human body as a whole with the backbone as its central coordinator.

This is a training system which uniquely combines the thousand-year-old eastern knowledge about the energy of the human body with the modern culture of exercise. It uses elements of swimming, yoga, thai-chi which isolated the system of exercise and handled it by one dimension.

The Gyrotonic® system uses three-dimention movements which are performed circularly without interruption against a constant resistance. Each movement is syncronized by an adequate rythmical and harmonic pattern of breathing.

The ongoing movements give massage to the internal organs and activate physiological processes. The Gyrotonic® training equipment provides a total freedom of exercise it does not restrict the diversity  and intensity of movements.

The articular system (joints) is relieved of the axial burden while the limits of movement are broadened –  thus agility, coordination and strength are developed parallelly. It resolutely uses the meridians of the human body in order to free blocked energies.

Through the rotating movement of joints it  provides a well-balanced supporting system for  the skeleton. Special attention is paid to enhancing the functional capacity of the backbone. In the Gyrotonic system the centre of movement and exercise is the backbone which is moved in all directions: forward, backward and sideways. So this training leads to high flexibility of the spine inducing an organic  rejuvenation characterized by high vitality and dinamism. Gyrotonic opens a unique way of training culture in respect of health, esthetics and performance.

Regular training on these machines eases the tension of the connective tissues and forms the body. While training, we are in a relaxed condition which makes our facial muscles and body muscles smooth. This balance gives us a positive radiation and feeling of self-confidence.

Gyrotonic is an optimal form of training for everybody: both for sportspeople who can increase their performance and for fitness people who can explore a new, comprehensive form of training. Everyday people will also find this form of exercise enjoyable, patients will be helped in their rehabilitation and „burned out” executives will gain new energy by Gyrotonic.


Besides Madonna, Liv Tyler, Björk, Shaquille O’Neal, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Catrall, Tiger Woods and Andy Murray also use the Gyrotonic method.

The Gyrotonic® system

It is a rhythmic repetition of exercises performed synchronously with the right breathing pattern. The system is specially focused on increasing the functional capacity of the backbone. By improving flexibility and exerting physical effort, it results in greater dynamism and the regenerative rejuvenation of the body.

Regular practice of the Gyrotonic® method simultaneously develops physical force, coordination and agility. The traction/compression forces help accelerate the body’s metabolism, resulting in a resolution of energy blocks — while taking the body’s energy system into consideration — and the activation of metabolic processes by massaging the internal organs.

The Gyrotonic Expansion System® opens a unique way of training culture paying attention to health, beauty and human performance. Training is aided by special machines which provide a total freedom of movement, do not restrict the direction, frequency and speed of movements in any way. It strengthens and shapes the body, eases tension, provides positive radiation which leads to increased confidence and creativity.


The inventor of Gyrotonic, Juliu Horváth was born in Temesvár in 1942. He was a ballett dancer in the National Opera in Temesvár and in the 1970s he asked for political asylum in the United States. He worked at the New York City Opera and the Houston Ballett but when his career suddenly broke due to a serious backbone injury, he retired from the stage. After establishing the Yoga for Dancers course he created the machine which is successfully used today by professional dancers and everyday people as well.

There was a growing demand for his lessons, the effectiveness of his method became well-known and he was approached by more and more people who were not dancers, they just wanted to become more flexible and well-shaped with more worked out muscles. Therefore Juliu improved his Yoga for Dancers method which now can be performed in groups, by people of all ages , regardless of their physical condition.

He called this improved version GYROKINESIS® mehod. The original Yoga for Dancers exercises are still taught as part of the GYROKINESIS® Level 2. program. Meanwhile Juliu constantly developed his method on St. Thomas Island in the White Cloud Studio which he eventually called GYROTONIC® method and he designed the GYROTONIC® machine which is worldwide famous today.

What is it good for and who is it recommended to?

  • It can be used for both preventive and therapeutic purposes
  • It increases the movement range of the spine and the joints
  • It stretches and strengthens the muscles while also shaping the body
  • It helps perfect coordination and balance
  • Facilitates the synchronisation of movement and breath
  • Improves sensory alertness
  • It frees energy channels
  • It is effective against migraines, asthma, functional heart conditions, depression and Burn-out syndrome
  • It is suitable for people of all ages who would like to exercise
  • It can be recommended for treating all kinds of motoric problems, such as kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis
  • It can also be used as supplementary therapy for metabolic issues, e.g. diabetes, obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure: arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis


The continuous movements give massage to the internal organs and activate physiological processes

Results worldwide

All over he world numerous private clinics successfully use the Gyrotonic Expansion System® for healing and rehabilitation.
Foreign doctors and specialists are convinced that due to the regular training and complex mechanism of effects the Gyrotonic method is better, more complex and more effective than most of the traditional training methods.

Optimal training for everyone

Meeting all demands, Gyrotonic is an optimal training method for everyone. It helps professional sportspeople to increase their performance, it helps fitness fans to find a new comprehensive method. Everyday people also find it enjoyable, the rehabilitation of patients is also helped by gentle movements and overworked people gain refreshing energy this way.

We work with bundles of muscles

Gyrotonic is performed in tension arch, not by bending or breaking. Bending is when I bend my arm or my body as a result my blood vessels become narrower and the lymphatic circulation gets blocked. Circulation works most effectively in all axes (arm, leg and spine) if it is stimulated in a tension arch and it is not broken. We stimulate the circulation systems (lymphatic, blood, energy and craniosacralis) through an arch.


The training session is tailored to your individual personal needs, so you can achieve quick and effective progress.

The first meeting is a kind of consultation where I assess your level of training, your personal motivation and your desired objective. Regarding these factors we work out the training program together. In this session I outline and introduce the options included in the Gyrotonic system and the personally tailored methods which can be used for creating the ergonomy and economy of your body that bring your movements and muscles into harmony.

The following methods will be used in the training sessions:

  • Gyrotonic machines
  • Gyrokinesis exercises
  • relaxation of trigger points
  • passive relaxing technique
  • cranoisacralis techniques
  • SRM (Self Myofascial Release)
  • Kinesology-Tape

The first session takes appr. 2 hours, all further sessions take 1-1,5 hours.

In the case of personal training we can focus on the following areas according to your goals:

Shaping the body, developing flexibility

Through regular Gyrotonic training you will gain an extremely esthetic, slim and harmonic shape as this method combines tha advantages of yoga, dancing, swimming and Tai Chi. Your muscles will be flexible and beautifully shaped, your whole body will be extremely flexible. At the same time we can focus on the areas that you consider problematic.

In the three-dimentional movement form we can work out every muscle, it has an extremely effective body shaping impact and it stops pains in the muscle created by other types of exercise or sedatory work.

Correction of locomotive disorders

By personally tailored methods we can improve or completely cure the following locomotive problems:

  • Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis
  • beginning stage of Spinalis Hernia
  • Vertebra dislocation
  • Lumbago
  • Pelvic and shoulder problems


Personalised trainingContact us!
Personal training – 5 sessions66.000 HUF
Personal training – 10 sessions110.000 HUF
Personal training for two people11.000 HUF/person
Personal training for two people – 5 sessions44.000 HUF/person
Personal training for two people – 10 sessions72.000 HUF/person

Special pricing is possible for therapy patients.

The following things are offered free-of-charge:

  • towel
  • unlimited consumption of water
  • freshly squeezed orange juice
  • coffee, tea
  • a special milk shake after training


Craniosacralis therapy is a holistic healing method which originated in the United States in the 1970s. It is a very effective manual therapy perfomed by very subtle, gentle movements.

Craniosacralis therapy is the correction of the micromovenemts of the skull bones and tissues. It is based on the fact that the fluid in the spinal marrow produced by the brain is rythmically pulsing. This method facilitates the free movement of the fluid in the celebral and spinal marrow by very subtle, gentle touches, so significant improvement can be achieved in the following cases:

  • migrain, headache
  • neural pain
  • chronic neck-  and backache
  • asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinusite
  • ear, nasal and laryngeal diseases
  • chronic fatigue, weariness, stress
  • depression
  • hormonal problems
  • diabetes
  • heart and vessel problems, high blood pressure, vertigo
  • motorical coordination disorders
  • orthopedic problems, spinal diseases
  • dental and jaw-joint problems
  • brain and spinal marrow emergency injuries
  • infant sucking difficulties, sleeping problems, diarrhoea, stomach gate
  • learning difficulties, dyslexia, dyscalculia

The purpose of the therapy is to ensure the unimpeded flow of the fluid in the spinal marrow and so ensuring the undisturbed operation of the nerval system, relaxing the tension of the joints and improving the circulation in the brain.

The Craniosacralis therapy promotes the production, circulation and absorbation of the cerbrospinal fluid. It is closely connected to blood circulation as well as the hormonal, lymphatic and respiratory system and therefore has a beneficial effect on these organs.

Gyrokinesis method

The GYROKINESIS method was also developed by Juliu Horváth (USA), the leading dancer of the Roman State Opera, later the New York City Opera and the Houston Ballett, on the basis of his experiences.  The combination of the GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS methods helped him to recover from a serious spinal injury. Although he could not continue his dancing career, his methods have helped millions of people in the world since then.

The three-dimensional movements of GYROKINESIS are useful for professional sportspeople ( e.g. increase the strengh of the holding and bending muscles), for fitness fans, recovering patients and elderly people. This exercise makes our body longer, slimer, stronger, and more flexible.

We focus on continuous, uniterrupted movements, we do not hold on to positions for a long time, but we connect positions by easy-flowing, harmonic movements.

After one hour of exercise our whole system gets in harmony, the conscious breething exercises stimulate the parasympathic nervous system and as a result we feel in balance, our body is relaxed and our mind is refreshed.

This training is done on a comfortablel chair without a backrest, specially developed for this purpose, so it can be perfomed individually or in groups.

GAPS diet

As a GAPS therapist I can effectively help you by giving personally tailored dietary suggestions. This diet has been successfully applied to cure the following central nervous system disorders:

Learning difficulties, behaviour disorders, autism, hyperactivity dyslexia, dyspraxia, addictions, depression, bypolar disorder, skisophreny, epilepsy, memory disorders, panic disease, social problems, tics and perception problems.

Furthermore the GAPS diet is effective in the case of digestive problems, autoimmune diseases (celiakia, reumathoid arthritis, 1. type diabetes, sclerosis multiplex, lupus, ostheoarthritis, Crohn illness, colonic infection, skin infection, etc.), asthma, eczema, different allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, menstrual problems, digestive disorders, muscular weakness, and hormonal disorders.

The name Gut and Psychology Syndrome, shortly GAPS, was given by Dr Natasha Campbell after having developed a surprising, but very effective scientific method to cure her child suffering from autism. The basic principle, just like in the case of Gerson-therapy, is that an adequate diet, the „maintenance” of the digestive track can be a remedy for the above menioned serious illnesses , even those which seemingly do not have any connection with digestion.

Further important details can be found on the webpage of Cambridge Nutrition Clinic founded by Dr Natasha Campbell.


My name is Victoria Majorosi-Kiss. I originally graduated as an economist, but I have always been interested in naturotherapy and movement therapies and wanted to work in healing and with people.

I have been helping people to find an effective way of developing and recovering both physically and mentally for many years. I had a long way to go and learn many things about myself and I had tried lots of methods before I found the most effective one for myself, that is Gyrotonic, and I eventually settled down by it.

Gyrotonic is a holistic system of exercises which regards the body as a whole and strives to create harmony by moving it.

I acqired the Gyrotonic method through years of training in Germany directly from the mastermind of the system which helped me greatly in gaining a comprehensive overview of the diversity of the system and acquiring its essencial principle in the most authentic way.

Having always strived for complexity, besides the Gyrotonic system I acquired qualifications as a GAPS nuritionist and Craniosacralis therapist, therefore I am able to give comprehensive and effective help to  people consulting me.

Gyrotonic exercise is a way of life which can be incorporated in our daily and weekly routines. Physically it shapes our body and makes it more flexible, it strenghtens our backbone and at the same time it provides spiritual refinement, too.

I am often asked by participants „How many times should I come?”

My usual answer is that  we cannot measure recovery or a perfect shape by a number of sessions, it is a form of life.

If it is necessary, we can complete the training with personalised dietary suggestions, and I can help you to acquire positive thinking. If these three factors are in harmony, there is nothing that can tilt over your life.

I would like to open a new dimension in exercise where movement creates harmony in your body and in your mind through your body.

In Hungary I am a pioneer and first instructor of the Gyrotonic method which has Hungarian roots through the dancer Juliu Horváth being of Hungarian origin, who developed this method 20 years ago.

Movement is a manifestation of life.

Victoria Majorosi-Kiss

Gyrotonic trainer, naturotherapist, GAPS nutritionist, Craniosacralis therapist